How do we describe this place where we give ourselves the opportunity to meet?

What stories, which geographies are involved in the gestures with which the skin and the masses meet?

This artistic  process starts from anthropological and environmental research on the concept of Contact Zones (places of contact between different cultures) which is linked to the concept of Ecotones.

Ecotones are border areas where two ecosystems come into contact with each other.

These are areas of dynamic tension, places of happening, where the encounter between diversity creates new possibilities for survival.

 What processes can we create by remaining in active relationship with others?

 What can we do together that we cannot do alone?

 Supporting dialogue in our differences helps to articulate what is important in the relationships we establish with others and with space.

How can meeting, interdependence, dialogue, clarity change the concept of the individual?



is a space for sensing ,study and research focused on the idea of ​​the body as an organic system, which uses its own language and lives the space.

A body in motion and in continuous relationship between what is inside, what is outside and with other bodies.

The proposal is to dance with the bodies we have and as people we are, tuning our abilities.

 We will put some key words at the center of the research: listening, sensing, perciving, presence, awareness, deconstruction and imagination.

Searching for skills that support the inexorable will to stay inside our dance.

 Starting from a somatic approach that will make our perceptual system more active and alive, we will explore our body-universe and how the parts that compose it communicate with each other, creating an organic movement.


We will analyze the skeletal system through material from Material For The Spine (Steve Paxton), working on soft joints and skeletal mobility.  

We will practice together how dancing can change our states of being and how our states of being can change our dance.  

We will explore and research the encounter with others and Contact Improvisation will be our language of exploration.

The workshop is imagened to end with a public restitution of the creative process.